Soldiers and dragon

Time:2014 summer

Theme:character design for my comic story Soldier and Dragon

Type:character design

Media:Photoshop, paper


Soldier and dragon is a fantasy story: the main role is an ordinary soldier that was a prisoner for betraying his country, directed by the general. He was captivated in a dark water


dungeon under a temple. Then he was release by a temple priestess who also hates the corruption of the politics. The duty of the priestess in prey for the wellness of the country every day. However, as the cost of violating the contract with her country, the priestess became blind and turned into an evil dragon. The soldier finally becomes a general and leading the rebel army overthrown the corrupt government. He also managed to domesticate the evil dragon and in the end they both live in the dragon land in seclusion. I designed the world map, dragon, knight, flying ways, evil monk as the opponent of the priestess union, as well as the other people living in this world.


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