Logo Design for Eight Colours

Time:2011 spring

Theme:help the local toy company to recreate LOGO

Type:LOGO and VI design

Collaborators:Jiaqi Liu, Yaoyao Wei, Wei Zhang, Liuzhu Chen

Eight-Color Bubble is a local small company in Guangdong, China. The owner of the company is a senior man that over 80 years old. In 1986, when he was 50 years old, he quit being a doctor and start making bubble water, delivering joys to the children. In that time, there was no much toys in China, and the owner design the LOGO and appearance of the product by himself. The original LOGO design, however, find a hard time meeting the artistic taste of the young generation in China. Therefore, we visited the company and interviewed the employee there. In the end, we dug out the cultural connotation of the brand, which are innocence, warmth, tenacity and innovation. Combining 8 and ∞, and the spirit of adventure, we redesign a new LOGO that is fit to the features of the product and simple enough to be memorized and extended. We won the approval of the owner of the company. I was the leader of the team, responding for interview, integrate material, evaluating the design ideas, logo interpretation and weekly presentation.

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